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Susan Makov


Susan Makov uses form, color and texture to explore the dichotomy in Nature between beauty and

devastation. Makov’s move into oil painting began after traveling to the Pacific Northwest. She studied the

structure of trees and observed that after mountain evergreens lose their needles they become skeletal.

Susan refers to as a type of “forest calligraphy” and incorporated that gesture into her paintings. Her time

living in the Utah desert is reflected in her paintings of the Southwest, where desert rocks scoured with

thousands of years of natural devastation and erosion direct her painterly interpretation.

Susan Makov earned her BFA from Syracuse University, a MFA from the State University of New York at

Buffalo, and a diploma from Brighton Polytechnic in the UK. She is a retired Professor Emeritus of Art at

Weber State University and is happily painting in Salt Lake City, Utah.