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Jena Schmidt solo exhibition

'Believe & See'

Exhibition Dates May 6 - June 4

Artist Reception May 20, 2016     6-8 pm



Jena Schmidt’s first exhibition at A gallery introduces her beautiful and dynamic abstract landscapes. Schmidt uses bold strokes, loose lines and a

simplified palette to express her experience of the western landscape.


Artist Statement

The concepts of searching, direction and spiritual guidance are driving forces behind my artistic practice. Painting allows me to sort out the visceral

experiences I have in nature and my interaction with the wild and rocky landscapes of the western United States. As I seek to see new shapes in the

face of the mountains and collect bits of nature, my experiences are inherently mirrored on the canvas. With the vast and various plains, meadows,

flatlands, and mountains, I can throw my imagination far. There’s always something more beyond to see and when a little piece is found and

understood, it is a treasure. It is in these nuances of human experience and paint that create a curiosity and movement in all aspects of my life.

This exploration takes trust that I’ll find something new: a landscape that needs to be seen to be believed, but also believed to be seen.