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John Hess


John Hess' introduction to textiles began at the Schaeffer School of Design in San Francisco, where its emphasis on color formulated

his approach to weaving. His interest in shapes and patterns developed as he traveled to view the prehistoric Mayan and Toltec ruins

in Mexico. John teaches in colleges and universities in Utah, and workshops in his downtown studio.

John has numerous private commissions and is represented by many Public Art Commissions, including Utah State Tax Commission; College of

Eastern Utah; Third Circuit Court, West Jordan, Utah; St Lawrence Catholic Church, Heber City, Utah; West Valley Library, Rose Wagner Performing

Arts Center, and Salt Lake City International Airport. The Japanese design concept of Notan has inspired John with his work. To John, weaving

as an art is a slow, meditative process, with the preliminary discipline of counting threads, measuring, and setting up a grid that eventually leads

him to improvise freely and opens the way to creative freedom.